Wednesday, 31 July 2013


I try and take my Wednesday desk shot around midday on the Tuesday and this was what greeted me.  It was rather apt because after a very busy and interesting weekend, my head was as empty as my desk looks.

Sarah and I had a crafty sleepover on the Friday night and we had such a laugh when we found ourselves stroking papers with glazed eyes!  We followed this up with a crop with Artful Angels on the Saturday.  I went straight from there to a hotel for a night out with some old school friends and I was reminded that I am nearly 40 and not 18 any more.  I love to get dressed up and and go dancing but I can do without sticky dance floors overcrowded with lecherous drunks and all the other problems associated with drinking, such as a nasty fog for about 2 days afterwards!  The fog was such that I had forgotten about all my goodies from the shop at the crop!

Once I had had a cup of tea I decided to unpack my bag and coo over my new papers... stash diet?  What stash diet?  I received my current DT assignment which is the lovely Perfect Summer by Echo Park that you can see along the front there along with a pile of suitable ribbons and washi tapes.  The beautiful floral at the back is a full...ahem... pile... of Crate Paper's The Pier and just to the left of that is a few of the Hipster papers and stickers from Basic Grey.

I also treated myself to a new stamp set by Hero Arts.  Its a bit of an investment but you get loads of stamps in the one set and it will be great for divided pages and also some art journalling, which I am supposed to do regularly anyway!  I've now put them in my pile of things to take down to Wales and see if I can get some rhythm going there for journalling.  I get more inspired there to write and create than anywhere else.  I feel such peace and clarity there.  Heck, maybe I might even get some work done on my book!  (For those who remember my Open University Creative Writing course, I passed with a Grade 2!!!)

Not much peace and clarity here at the moment as we have a four legged house guest who is causing much excitement but is doing a great job of getting us out walking every day.  We are less than a week into the summer holidays and we are pooped already!

So I've shown you mine, now you can show us yours - whether it is a room, a desk, a chair, the floor, a trolley or your lap or whatever, we've seen it all, messy or not, well equipped or not, but its good to share.  Link up with Julia over at Stamping Ground for the regular desk hop around the world.

I think I might need another cuppa...

Bye for now


  1. Congratulations on your Grade 2 :-)

    Drooling over your stash, love that line from Echo Park.

    Have a good week. xxx

  2. It is just so interesting seeing how and where people work.Nice clean, non-cluttered space!
    I think people's spaces really reflect them.
    I wonder what my cluttered space says about me..hmmm
    Judy #55

  3. Some very lovely piles of paper there and those HA stamps look like they will be useful. My table is empty but not big enough to cut my dress pieces. Guess I'd better hoover the lounge carpet then!

    Fiona xx

  4. Weekend envy!! Though I don't know how I could take clubbing these days....sigh. Love all your new stash, especially the spotty papers..yum!!
    Have fun in Wales..we've just had an amazing three days down at my dads. Hope the weather is kind to you too.
    And hugs congrats on your exam clever gal!
    Hugs, LLJ 20 xx

  5. congrats on passing your grade 2!! and what a wonderfully large desk to work on - i'm drooling...
    good luck with your house guest :)
    happy WOYWW and have a great week :)
    no. 8

  6. Oooh it got better, that empty desk was most scary. Great purchases there I see, good luck with the art journalling.

    Love your new house guest, looks like he/she might need plenty of walkies.

    Lynda #59

  7. Well done on your OU exams and how lovely to have a kid free weekend with lots of crafty and friend fun.

  8. Well done on the Grade 2! What a lovely crafty space you have. x Jo #11

  9. I am so loving your stash. Enjoy the summer with you little ones, school starts back here on Aug 12. happy crafting #125

  10. So funny. Your head was as empty as your desk looks. My post was just the opposite. My desk is a mess as is my head - full of unhelpful thinking! Looking forward to when my desk looks like yours.:-)
    Gillian #66

  11. Wow what a fabulous work desk. I wish mine was as big and as clean as this one. I can so relate to your experience of a night out, it usually takes me about a fortnight to get over one now but it sounds like your whole weekend was a good one. I am loving all your new goodies too, Echo Park is one of my fav paper lines. Hope you have a great week and Happy WOYWW! Danie #25

  12. Well done Gal, that's a wonderful result after your work and time...I hope you're feeling proud. loving the new papers and ooh a stamp set too. i figure if we have to be on a real diet then a stash diet is absolutely out of the question. so if you're off to write and get rhythm in Wales...are we going to wait for school to get back and settled before a morning meet?

  13. Congrats on your accomplishment!

    You've got some lovely stash there, something nice to come out of the fog for. :-)

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #110

  14. I always love a look at your crafting space, Lisa-Jane. And I had to laugh about you being in a "fog." My sister and I went out with my daughter and our niece a few months ago. The next morning my sis and I were hurting, but the young girls bounced right back. Oh to be young...

  15. The stamps look great as does your desk - so neat :-) LOL at the stroking - I recognize this very well from somewhere ... and congrats to your grade. Have a good week, Suzanne

  16. Sounds like you had a fun girls weekend. I found after 40 it got harder to hang. A nite out had me feeling hungover for 3 days. Needless to say I no longer go out. I'm green with envy over that lovely pile of stash on your table. Lots of pictures of dogs in this weeks WOYWW. Your kids, who are just adorable by the way, seem to really be enjoying your 4 legged guest. I miss my kids being that age. I'm not sure how your grades work in the UK, but I'm assuming that a Grade 2 is really good. I happy for you. Keep up the good work. :D
    Have a great weekend. (((HUGS)))
    WOYWW #145

  17. Very unusual seeing a clear desk from you! I loved having a look at your new stash, it's made me want to spend some money :) x


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