Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Is it finished?

Do you ever those layouts that you finish what you intended to do but you are just not sure it looks .. well... finished?  I had this layout in my head, inspired by Kelly, and I wanted to keep the clean lines but I fighting the urge to add more "stuff".  Is it because it is less clustered than my usual style and it is just something different or is it actually that yes it does need something more?

This photo is coming up for 2 years old now and Bella still loves Fruit Flakes just as much.  I often wonder if they have some addictive quality.  They are very useful when you are trying to keep her in one place for a few minutes as we were here while Louis went on a ride at Oakwood theme park.

So, what do you think?  Would you add something or do I just need to adjust my eyes a bit ;-)

Bye for now


  1. Looks like a lovely finished page to me...the rounded corners soften the page nicely.

    maybe leave it a while to see if it grows on you xx

  2. I love the layout, the different textures are great. It looks finished to me! x

  3. I think it's a great layout and would probably leave it as is myself. The only suggestion I can think of is to add something to the bottom of the layout. Most of the elements are in the top half of the page. I'm not sure what to add though. Maybe a couple circles of patterned paper that are partially tucked under the happy holidays circle? Or maybe stamp photo corners on the bottom two corners using watermark ink?

  4. I know that feeling only too well, and I usually go back and add a little more. I really like the clean vivid look of this page, but if you wanted to little more you might try to add something either right under the photo or to the bottom right corner. It wouldn't need to be much either place.

  5. I really do like it as it is... but I know what you mean as I'm always looking at my layouts and thinking similar! If anything, and as already said, I'd maybe add a little something to the bottom right ... a few gems or the same washi tape?!! x


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