Saturday, 21 July 2012

Teacher Presents

I worked for a while as a Teaching Assistant and I was amazed by the amount of gifts I received at the end of term and at Christmas.  I don't remember giving presents to my teachers when I was at school so it was quite a pleasant surprise.  I experienced a range of gifts and cards but I have noticed each year that there are more and more things available in the shops especially for such occasions.  I thought back to my gifts and the ones I remembered were not the bunches of flowers or the epic amounts of alcohol and chocolate (although they were VERY welcome), but the slightly obscure, the really odd, and the ones that were home-made.  I decided that I would avoid the really odd and try for something a little out of the ordinary and most definitely home-made.  I had an idea for spraying a gorgeous design onto the 99p Hobbycraft canvas totes and it started really well but the final butterfly messed up big time and I had to have a rather swift rethink.  I was making a Dundee cake for my Dad and I thought it might be a good option for the teachers as it keeps well and isn't chocolate :-)

Obviously I wanted to make the thank you cards as well.  I've been waiting for the right time to use this little owl and now seemed very appropriate.  All the papers are My Mind's Eye and both the owl and the bunting punches are by Stampin Up.  I punched out the scallop circle before I adhered the background card to the card blank and the little owl fits right in the negative space - perfect!

I needed to stick the baking paper down with something and I literally squealed when I remembered my newly purchased Smash tape.  It had just perfect wording on it for edible loveliness.

I wanted the finished gift to be wrapped in brown paper and twine and then prettied up with a tag that they could keep.  

Here's a close up of the tag using papers from Echo Park's Everyday Eclectic range in 6x6 (more on that very soon!)

I will go back to the canvas bags but I need to do a bit more experimenting with the spray inks to try and stop them bleeding but either way, one won't be going to Louis' next teacher as it is a man.  No pretty trinket boxes or notebooks, no floral bookmarks, I need to get my thinking cap on for this one!

Bye for now


  1. What could be better than, "Brown paper packages tied up with string."
    Love the way you've used the little heart for the owl's beak. So cute :o)
    I've got a give away today, if you're interested x

  2. That is a lovely gift. The tag is just perfect.

  3. It's just wonderful. Very lovely.
    J x

  4. beautifully wrapped. Love the tag. I made mine too, but forgot to take photos!! xx

  5. That's the kind of present my Mum would have loved when she was teaching! I've maybe told you before about her funny presents - like the box of chocolates with no bottom layer..

  6. What a lovely idea, Lisa. You've put so much thought into this and I bet the teachers loved it. It's always hard to think of something original isn't it? DD had a male teacher this time and when I asked at school what he liked the answer was "pot noodle" so guess what he got!!!!! Along with something alcoholic of course!!
    Hugs Lisax


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