Sunday, 13 March 2011

A general round up...

Other than creating lots of scrapbook layouts, this is what else has been going on...

Emotionally I've had a few ups and downs and despite the medication and the counselling, it is possible that a large part of it is hormonal.  It might be time to take the coil out and see what happens but we definitely can't have any more babies so its a big consideration.  My iTalk scores went up a bit this week as a result of the recent dip but generally I feel a lot stronger than I did even a couple of months ago.  This recent dip is really starting to annoy me though and I'm taking it out on my family, again.  I HATE THIS!!!

I still haven't found a hole to start writing again.  Its not writer's block, just a time and a guilt thing!

As for the weight loss / fitness campaign, that's sort of going okay.  I manage to generally maintain or improve what I have done the previous session unless I'm really tired from a sleepless night or being under the weather etc.  I started having a bit of a run for a few minutes and managed to get up to nearly 9 minutes in one go but every box has to be ticked for me to get that far.  I have to be feeling okay, have to have the right music on the iPod, have to get the rhythm right and have to lower the gradient as I go along.  My shape is definitely changing and I've lost 2 stone so far but I still have a fair way to go.  I'm just finding it hard at the moment to keep within my syns in anyway!

On the plus side, I signed up to that awful thing Fly Lady where you get e-mails about which part of your house to clean.  Sounds horrific yes?!  It has given me a push to get on with things though and there are lots of organisational tips which have helped.  I've been working really hard and it seems to have paid off as DH bought me some flowers to say that he is proud of me trying to get fit and lose weight, and he appreciates all the work I've been doing to keep the house in order.  Yay me!

Bye for now xx

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