Saturday, 20 August 2011

A few challenges!

I can't believe how many layouts I've done this week!

I took some photos yesterday of 2 more that I completed and retook photos of the ones from the previous rainy post.  I uploaded them and managed to delete the lot!  I took them again today along with some more layouts that I completed as part of Shimelle's cyber crop.

This first one is for the "Stickery" challenge and the task was to use stickers from more than one manufacturer or collection.  It features B on the beach at, guess where, Newport (of course) last summer, looking gawjuss in her little cossie.  

The stickers, like the papers, are mainly by Cosmo Cricket.  I have added a little something from American Crafts and also the epoxy sticker which is from some magazine thing, maybe Lets Make Cards or something like that.

I used an old sketch of the week as inspiration but I didn't have anything that felt right for the background.  My eye fell on my shocking pile of "stuff to put away" where I saw a doily poking out so I decided to give misting a go.  It did make the cardstock warp a little but I'm kind of happy with how it worked out.  I don't like the title - I outlined it in white to make it stand out better, then tried black and made a right mess of it!

My next humble offering is for the "Hot Pink Hoopla" challenge.  Gotta love some hot pink especially when you are talking about a very small very cute wet suit in said colour.  Can you guess where she is? ;-)  Why yes, its Newport beach last year.  I used a layout from Explore as inspiration but I was trying too hard to use the lovely butterfly paper without covering up the hot pink ones! 

Again a few of the embellishments were from the Lets Make Cards magazine.  I bought it in Wales one summer as something that L and I could play with together but ended up keeping it all to myself!

And the final layout for this post (more to come tomorrow) was for the "Colour Story Challenge" where the task was to craft something using red, white and aqua.  This photo of Management has been sat on top of my pile for a few months, desperate to be scrapped.  I wanted to include something snowy but didn't want to get my Christmas stuff out.  This colour combo was perfect as the aqua and white lend themselves to a chilly feeling without pointing at Christmas, which it wasn't.  Hubs went to stay with his brother in France and took L with him but B and I had to stay home as she has problems with her circulation and was too young to move around enough to counteract it.  I missed my soul-mate SO much!  

I used the 4x6 Photo Love Sketch for January (hence 1 photo), using snowflake brads and punched shapes instead of circles.

I even retrieved some blue snowflake sequins from L's art stash to pop the colours a bit.

I have 2 more to share, plus another one that I'm working on and I hope to squeeze in another one before the deadline tomorrow night but it depends on how tomorrow goes.  Management has to work some weekends, especially in the Summer, so its back to me and the Smalls for the day.  At least it is mean't to be a sunny day - hurrah!

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.

Bye for now


  1. What a bunch of beautiful LOs! Well done! I'm as well doing some of the challenges Shimelle set up last weekend - keeps me busy! Are there more to come? Have a creative Sunday! xxx

  2. LOVE the photos...and the layouts...and the colors. And well...everything!! =D

  3. Great the misting on the first one and that little surfboard is perfect for your 2nd LO!
    Alison xx

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous


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