Saturday, 14 September 2013

Making the good from the bad

Do you ever have one of those kits that is so easy to use and so beautiful that you want to use every last scrap?  I was like that with Echo Park's This and That - Graceful collection.  I think I still have a few larger pieces left but I definitely made this layout with the intention of using up lots of little bits.

This picture of Bella was taken by one of the nursery staff who was hoping to turn professional as a photographer...  We paid a very very small fee for the CD of images upfront and we were really hopeful of a few nice shots.  At the time she was 3 years old, full of confidence and well used to being photographed so as long as the semi-pro photographer achieved the right lighting we would be onto a winner.  Ahem...

Cue incredibly bad lighting and lots of distracting elements despite a plain white backdrop!  This was seriously the best of the bunch with deep shadows on one side and slightly jaundiced tinge to her face.
Not quite the portraits we were hoping for but it is a reminder of her time at nursery.  We took her out of nursery shortly afterwards (not because of the rubbish photos!) because we much preferred the environment of the preschool for her and the nursery seemed to change staff every week and always have children in tears!

So at the end of the day it is a layout about disappointing circumstances and a place we weren't keen on and it is all made from scraps.  But its a memory recorded using beautiful papers and a picture of a very smiley girl so its all good :-)

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  1. Oh dear. I hope this was a learning experience for them and they have improved since! Lovely LO and still nice to have that record, as you say.

  2. One to laugh about when she's much older I think. It's a lovely page: that ruffly ribbon is as touchable looking as that impish little face

  3. It's still acute pic with her lovely smile!! Great page - love all the movement you've got in the little banners down the side!! xx

  4. It is a cute photo and the layout is gorgeous x

  5. Oh no.....a lovely layout though x


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