Saturday, 21 September 2013

The Eyes Have It

During my recent sort out of un-blogged layouts, I came across this one.  I spent today with these beautiful twins (and their wonderful Mummy and ultra cute little brother) and it reminded me to share it.  

It seems like only yesterday that their Mummy and I got changed in the toilets at school and headed off to a Run DMC and Public Enemy concert.  I often wonder what we would have thought if we could have seen ourselves 25 years later.  We're all grown up and married with a gaggle of children, living in piles of Lego and Barbie dolls and spending our daylight hours pushing swings in the park instead of loitering there after dark with a load of other moody teenagers.  

I know that when we look at lovely pictures of our gorgeous little people, we definitely count ourselves very lucky indeed.  These two have the most adorable eyes for a start.

I used the wonderful Echo Park This and That "Charming" collection with one sheet as the background and then a few scraps to make the circle border.  A few bits from the sticker sheet and the chipboard sheet and it all came together really quickly without overpowering the striking images.

I wouldn't want to go back to my teens for all the tea in China and I know if I could have seen into the future that I would have been greatly relieved to have turned out fairly normally!  I must get around to scrapping some of these ponderings one day...  What do you think your 15 year old self would think of your life now?

Bye for now


  1. Fabulous layout...I am loving all those circles!

    My old self at 15 would think I was pretty boring now! And would also think I do not have enough shoes!!!

  2. Gorgeous! All those circles draw such beautiful attention to those eyes.

    I've been meaning to make a page about how my best friend from school finally gave in and came with me to a Morrissey concert..a couple of years ago!

  3. She would think she would be living in Australia on the beach...still following duran duran :) great page x

  4. Hi Lisa-Jane! Thank you for visiting from WOYWW! What a precious pair. I agree about going back to the teenage years. Our children bring such joy, smiles and wonderful innocence. You captured the twins in such a special way! I will be a new happy follower! And again, so glad to meet you from WOYWW! See ya Wednesday! Rasz

  5. You really couldn't have picked a better title for that gorgeous layout

  6. Gorgeous layout and they are certainly little cuties x


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