Wednesday, 18 September 2013


My desk has been a hive of activity this week and it feels good!  I went to a crop on Saturday and worked on my Devon 2012 album notching up another few back to back pages.  On Monday I was all geared up to receive some Christmassy stash for 6 on 6th but it hasn't arrived (as of Tuesday night) so I seized the Christmas spirit anyway and started creating a Festive Planner.  I've made covers and dividers and I am just computing the inside pages so that I can make a start on organising this busy occasion.  With November set aside for NaNoWriMo and my OCD side telling me I have to be ready before December, this means I need to have all my Christmas presents bought and wrapped before the end of October!

I'm using the last few precious pages of My Mind's Eye "I Believe" from my Christmas Journal a couple of years ago.  My intention is that my planner can be refilled each year so I wanted to use really special papers on it that I will always love.  You can see some of the things I have been using to make it in the RUB at the top right.

I've set it aside for the moment while I work on a card for one of Louis's classmates.  I'm really enjoying playing with my Promarkers again and thanks to you lovely lot (and in particular Kate) I managed to purchase a few more (including the limited Edition Autumn and Winter collection) and they are on their way as we speak.  I hope the cheeky birthday chappy likes his cheeky monkey card.

Well that's all from me on this wet and windy "What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday".  Don't forget to share your workspace too - because sharing is caring.

Bye for now


  1. Oh you're really in the groove! And a tidy organised groove...well done you! Love the idea of the christmas planner and prolly like most, am a little horrified by your self imposed deadline..but I do get it. Don't like to think of you putting unnecessary pressure on yourself though..but you've gotta do it your way. For sure!

  2. I would love to be as organised as you Lisa-Jane and each year I plan to do better but some how Christmas has a habit of sneaking up on me!!! Have fun with your journal today. Happy WOYWW to you from Helen 67

  3. wow, looking neat despite the ongoing creativity. alpha shanahan 37

  4. I tried to post once before but am unsure where it's got sucked into Internet Hyperspace......
    so anyway, here's Take Two!
    Love your Cheeky monkey card lots..he made me LOL! And you seem to be very organised..please may I have some of that. I seem to be running around like a headless chicken...sigh..
    Anyway, onwards and upwards :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 58 xx

  5. Love the monkey card! You are just way too organised for me. Last minute by the seat of my pants type of gal me. I think what I am going to do in advance but that's as far as it gets.

    Hope you are feeling more brighter and not over doing things. Its good to be active but too much can be detrimental IYKWIM.

    Take care and have a great week

    Candace x

  6. Your card made me smile (rough morning commuting etc)so I am sure it will be a bit hit. Your markers look so nice, never tried those. I spot my favorite Distress Ink on your desk too! Enjoy the day! Winnie#83

  7. Oooh - a very tidy work space and I love your little monkey :-)


    IKE in Greece #49 xx

  8. You are getting organized! That is a cute card x

  9. ...buying and wrapping all your pressies before the end of October!!! And i thought i was doing good by making a few Christmas cards. Great card, look forward to seeing your planner x

  10. I love the cheeky little monkey card. So sweet. Your desk looks like a happy place to be right now. I disagree about the getting all the Christmas cards and present done by the end of October. It is much more exhilarating to wait until December 15.

  11. great desk pics - really sharp and clear! love the monkey card :)
    happy WOYWW and have a fun week!
    no. 39

  12. Hi Lisa-Jane
    you sound as though you have been really busy and getting very organised in time for Christmas. I struggle to deal with it this early.
    I am getting ready to take my daughter to university and I am going to miss her so much
    Have a great day today and a wonderful weekend
    Ria #61

  13. great card and a super organised and tidy space. Anne x #112

  14. Thanks for swinging by Lisa-Jane..I suspect most crafters are a touch OCD..Good luck with the Christmas stuff...I like to have my shopping done (not wrapped by mid Nov..Writing novels?! Amazing, hope you have fun during that time and YAY! to being in the 40 club..this year I assume, as you said a couple of month behind me. Love the card - very cheeky monkey. Cx #42

  15. You are so organized I wish I was I hate having things out of wack and flying by the seat of my pants. Christmas I keep saying this week, this week but work gets in the way and it is never happening. But your deadline by october, gosh that is a shocker there is no way I could achieve that, well maybe but I would be pushing myself far to hard.

    Happy WOYWW
    Eliza & Yoda 52

  16. Love that monkey image..he's so cheeky. At last, someone else that like to have everything bought before the end of October!! Hugs. Pam#48

  17. I do like your Christmas planner idea and that monkey card is super cute.

  18. Lovely, tidy workspace. I love your monkey card.
    Happy belated WOYWW
    Rosie x


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