Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Its been a while since I joined in with WOYWW but I felt compelled to share my space this week as I have had a good clear out!  I decided that I needed to make the furniture work for me rather than against me and so I had a sort out, collected a box of stuff to sell, gave some scraps to the kids, colour sorted the scraps I was keeping, colour sorted my cardstock, sorted my PP by manufacturer, sorted my albums chronologically, colour sorted my letter stickers, re-wrapped and sorted all my ribbons and rearranged all my embellishments.  I shall be sharing photos of my newly organised areas in the coming days and I am starting with my desk (obvs!)

It is actually a hugely heavy jali fretwork dining table with a glass top.  It is not ideal - it has a 3 inch lip of wood right the way around to contain the glass which I would rather was totally flat for obvious reasons.  I have my basket for my current project which is my kit and "in progress" album for Shimelle's "Learn Something New Everyday".  Next to that now is my black set of drawers which used to hold scraps and now holds my ribbons, chipboard and die cuts.  The stack of tins holds gems, baker's twine and embellishments for my current project.  I still keep my black crop bag to the right but I still have to stand up to see inside it if I can't find what I want by feeling with my hand!  Under the table there is where I keep my bin and I pull it out when I'm working there but push it in out of the way the rest off the time.  I've sorted things so that the bits and pieces I go to regularly are behind me or all in one cupboard and it seems to be working but boy oh boy this was a tough job.  I had so much stuff across the floor where I had had deliveries just before we went on holiday and where I hadn't put things away after my crop and after the crazy weekend of Shimelle's on-line crop.  I ended up rolling over my photos and finding bent PP so I had to just stop creating more mess and put it all away.  I thought I may as well sort it while I was doing it and I'm glad I did.  I just need to keep it like that.  I love to see other people's ways of organising things so if you know if any good ideas please do let me know.

I'm about to spend some precious one to one time with L (while B is at nursery) before he goes back to school next week.  The summer holidays have just gone far too quickly, most likely blown and washed away! I wonder what lessons I will learn this September and if any of the things I learned last year have actually sunk in to my tiny brain!  Please say hi if you are joining in Shimelle's class too, they are always great fun and so full of inspiration.

And in the meantime, for the list of other workspaces, please drop by Julia's blog and say hi.


  1. Your album for LSNED looks colourful and fun, I'll look forward to seeing you fill it. I'm taking part in the class too - so hi! X

  2. you are just sooo organised!!!

    ** Kate **

  3. Your desk looks great, and you have been very organised too!

  4. That's a great job you have made of your organising. I'm a bit of a file away on the floor girl. Not good!

  5. I love sorting out cos it makes you feel better and you can actually see what you've got! Have fun creating some new stuff! Hugs, LLJ xxx

  6. I’m in the middle of a big tidy up too Lisa-Jane, it looks like you’ve made a good job of yours.

    Loving the bright colours of the album you’re working on………really fab!

    Have a good week and…………
    Happy Crafting!


  7. Wow, what organisation! If you have a spare few days (weeks.... months *lol*) then you can come round and organise my chaos :) My son is moving out within the next few weeks... so his bedroom will be a craftroom for me (finally!), and I know it's just going to take so long sorting out everything.
    Your workspace is perfect - I keep my latest project in a basket too... one pile of contained mess is so much better than the cat coming in and spreading my scraps all over the room (and the house!).
    Thanks for sharing - your album page looks wonderful!
    Have a brilliant WOYWW!

  8. Your album for LSNED looks great. Look forward to seeing it progress over the coming month :o)
    I'm doing the class too, so see you there xx

  9. It feels good to have a clear out doesn't it? Your LSNED book cover looks great. I'll be blogging alone but September is always manic for me so I won't have time to do anything more than that.
    X #58

  10. The album looks great and I love the polka dotted table cloth!
    Happy WOYWW

  11. Love the LSNED book...I'm doing the class too, but will be blogging in 'real time' (hopefully) and may manage to create something later!
    Alison xx

  12. Your book is looking so gorgeous, I'm looking forward to seeing more :). Your desk looks highly organised

  13. Great photo! It is fun to see your work in progress! Love the colors of your cover! :)

  14. Organising is such a chore but crafting in an organised place is so much quicker! Love your LSNED book, im taking the class this year as well. Happy woyww! Even though it's Friday now....Mel (at number 18)


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