Thursday, 12 December 2013

Its not too late!

We may be well into December but its not too late to get organised for recording your festive season.  I'm loosely following Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas with a bit of a daily diary aspect too.  This is my desk at the start of the month (temporarily cleared off to accommodate wrapping...)

I keep everything to hand when I'm doing an ongoing project like this because it helps to narrow down the decision making and gives continuity by only using the supplies on the table.  I'm using divided page protectors this year so that I can do a lot or a little, depending on time, inclination and story.  Its also easier to think in smaller chunks and it is a lot less overwhelming than filling a full 12x12 page everyday.
This year I'm going with the gorgeous Bundled Up by Crate Paper because it matches the Winter Project Life kit that I had.  Its not a usual Christmas colourway for me because I'm usually quite traditional but I just fell in love with it.  Also I like that it is wintery and not just Christmassy so will be useful for any snow pictures too.
I also picked out a few of the papers from the new Crate Paper Maggie Holmes collection called Flea Market because the colours matched so well.  It pads out the variety nicely and is perfect for those days that are not full on festive.

My punches are all here at the ready too.  Aside from continuity and limiting my options, I find that they inspire me when they are out like this so I get a good start for deciding on the design of each pocket.
A cake stand is a perfect organisational station for projects like this.  I have adhesives in the top, trims and ribbons and enamel dots in the middle and cut to size cards and Project Life cards etc in the bottom.  Then I have various bowls of washi tapes, buttons and twines, stickers and the Bundled Up ephemera.  My little heart shaped bowl has my very small embellishments like the Studio Calico veneer stars and snowflake brads.
 I keep a flower pot of my most used tools out and some off cuts of coordinating plain card and then in theory I don't have to move from my desk for anything other than another cup of tea.
I also grabbed some older supplies including some music paper, stickers and vellums etc.  In theory it should all fit into a smallish tote when I want to scrap elsewhere although I might have to leave the album behind.  Its the American Crafts D Ring Modern album on the left there but I have yet to design the front.
My JYC time each day helps me to rekindle the magic and make sure that what's important stays important.  Its a breather and a time to reflect and remember what its all about.  That is different things to different people but the sentiment is the same.  Take time this year to have a moment to embrace the magic of this special time.  Its not too late to jot down some thoughts, take a picture or two, or make something pretty.

I'm going to be posting regular updates and some of my journalling so I hope you'll come back and share your thoughts with me too.

Merry Christmas!

Bye for now


  1. It all looks very inspiring all beautifully laid out like ingredients in bowls on a cookery show! You are inspiring me to look beyond the Chinese takeaway white plastic tubs I have my "current" embellishments in on my desk

  2. i have one of those gorgeous cake stands too...liking all the pots ..might have to go raid the garage to see what i can find :). Loving all your journal prep and looking forward to seeing it all xx

  3. I love the set-up and I am doing something similar. My desk has to double up so it is all on the side in plastic tubs ready to move to wherever I am working. I am thrilled that I am up to date with it and was just popping over to see you before I go and blog it. I am not sure why the link isn't working anymore. I will investigate.

    I have been tickled all day about following someone I thought was you but isn't :-) I will investigate a bit further when I get time. It must be someone from JYC.

    Good luck with the project and I look forward to seeing it.

  4. That is great organization! I haven't started JYC yet, I've got 12 days off over Christmas and I intend to do JYC, 28 weeks of Project Life, a Gromit album, a mini album for my brother's 40th birthday....need you to come and organize me and my space :) xx

  5. Well look at you, you really are little Miss organised! But I can imagine how it keeps you on track and on theme too. More snow tomorrow if you like some? 6", plenty to share around lol!

    Brenda 4


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