Wednesday, 4 December 2013


Please do not adjust your sets, normal service will resume shortly.

My desk is unusually neat today and there is a reason for it, not it is not staged, you just happened to catch it at the right time!  I had to have a reshuffle for some festive projects (more on that next week) but give it a few minutes and it will look lived in once more.

Its a toofa - as in a two-for-one.  This is the angle to the left with the beginnings of Journal Your Christmas and then top left is my black printer which is now in the bin.  It was my second Kodak and I will never ever use them again - nothing but trouble and poor quality prints from a supposedly top quality photo printer.  It finally gave up the ghost when I needed to print a very large document for a governors meeting - Murphy's Law that is.  So photo taken Tuesday lunchtime, Tuesday evening new printer installed and working correctly and large document being digested over a whiskey and coke in the wee small hours...

You're probably wondering why I have a giant bumble bee on my desk?  That is Buzzy, Bella's class mascot who came home yesterday for the second time within the month. I would really like to write in his diary this time "Buzzy got very bored waiting in the queue in the shop while the very old lady chatted to Mummy.  Eventually Mummy said a rude word to the lady and left.  Mummy muttered all the way home about Daddy not thinking about Christmas until Christmas Eve and then said a rude word again when she realised that she had missed the post man for the third time in as many days.  Later, Buzzy watched Mummy sobbing over the large pile of ironing and narrowly missed being splashed by bleach when Mummy cleaned the loo."  Honestly, Bella is 4 and can barely stay away once she gets in from school.  What do they expect us to write about for 4 weekdays, 3 weeks after the last visit?!

Angle to the right - Pretty things arranged lovingly for ease of access for festive crafting and of course the required cup of tea although that does now change to a mulled wine of an evening...

Here's a sneak of my first pages for my JYC album.  Its a DT project using Crate Paper's Bundled Up so I can't show it just yet but it is up in full on the S J Crafts blog.

Have you got festive crafting on your work space this week?  Are you feeling Christmassy yet or are you sick of everyone going on about it already?  Link up with Julia's Stamping Ground for WOYWW and share because you care.

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  1. your DT prject looks interesting, can't wait to see the finished piece, Donna #47

  2. Hahaha :-) I think Buzzy should definitely write that !! LoL That would be sooo funny :-D
    Great looking layout there from the sneaky peaky :-D

    HAPPY WOYWW #235

    IKE in Greece #24

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  3. I think you need to be honest in Buzzy's diary :) Thanks very much Lisa-Jane because now you've made me want to crack on with my JYC and have a mulled wine....shame I'm stuck in the office :) xx

  4. Such pretty things going on here. Can't wait to see the finished projects!
    Glenda #67

  5. I'm not unhappy about the Christmas thing coming upon us at all, I like it.. ..but like buzzy SHOULD record, it is all rather left up to us girlies to plot and plan!
    Really interesting about your printers, but more interesting is how your evening tipple becomes seasonal, love that!

  6. Is it worrying that no I didn't really wonder why there was a giant furry bee on your desk lol .... I just thought yeah, that's about right lol

  7. This mascot thing is new to me (although I think I read about it here once before, so it was actually new to me then!) and I'm glad we didn't have to dream up adventures on a school night! I'm early with my Christmas crafting this year due to planning classes ahead. Well the night before anyway!

  8. Yes, sometimes we do wonder what the schools/teachers are thinking with such projects. What on earth is the utility of a preschool parent keeping a diary of the class stuffed animal? I feel your pain. I'm feeling pretty Christmassy this year since I made Christmas cards early (for once in my life) and we've got our tree up (the earliest we've had it up in forever) and can take a bit of a breath. Happy week and happy WOYWW. ~ Laura #84

  9. Oops, Buzzy got flushed down the loo, never to be seen again!
    VERY tidy desk, I bags the Tidy Fairy when you've finished with her! Have a great crafty week!
    Happy WOYWW

  10. Diary for a stuffed animal, must admit it's Love your desk. Thanks for stopping by and for your cooments, obviously you are an experienced Ikea customer..Have a gret week and happy WOYWW DeDe #8

  11. Sending you sympathy over the ginormous bee!

    I've got Christmas cards on my desk at the moment..finding the address book might be tricky. I think it's at the bottom of the pile..

    You always have lots of interesting things on your desk

  12. You have made me LOL ..if buzzy was so honest he might not ever come back ...just a thought !...Album is looking great ..looking forward to seeing more keep enjoying y
    the mulled wine and hope you have great weekend thanks or visiting crafty hugs Andrea x #29

  13. lol....Stan brought his class mascot home at the beginning of the week..flea bitten old thing..stinks of perfume.... and then he wants to take it to bed with way....!!!! x

  14. I like your beverages of choice to help get the job done. Warms the blood and stirs up creativity!


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