Wednesday, 11 December 2013


Two weeks today people!  Two weeks!  I have no idea if Julia will be hosting a What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday on Christmas Day but I think it would be very interesting...  How many of us have to make room for guests to sleep or eat I wonder and how many desks will be laden with new stash or covered with the remains of a late night wrapping frenzy?

Anyway, here's mine as of Tuesday late morning.
The bottom layer and all the bowls are for Journal Your Christmas which is well underway.  Then the first 2 presents of the year appeared on the pile from my lovely sister-in-law and you can see one of the jars of scrub that I've been making for teacher's gifts.

About 5 minutes after I took that photo I cleared the lot off ready to start the great wrapping fest of 2013.
I have lots of sellotape, lots of paper and tags and I have my Christmas scented candles going.  I also sing along to my Christmas CDs (badly) and wear a Santa hat.  Today I have also finally steamed my individual puddings and made one of four cakes.  It was Bella's nativity yesterday and Louis's this evening so they are all done and dusted.  I am on a roll!

Here's a little sneak of the festive soap I've been making too.  This was before the final layer went on.  I'll be making some more at the weekend and will share a more detailed post on it then.
Some exciting news just in is that S J Crafts has a Design Team call out so if you have an active blog and would like to be part of a fantastically friendly team then hop over there and find out more!

Bye for now


  1. It sounds like a productive few days LJ. The soap looks good! x

  2. Loving your red and kraft wrapping theme, the same as mine! As for a Christmas edition of woyww? My 'desk' would be laid for a festive breakfast, lunch or tea, depending when I took the shot! Looking forward to hearing more about the hand made soap :o)

  3. Wow you are certainly on a roll. I now have visions of you clearing your desk with one sweep of your arm and scattering the contents all over the floor while proclaiming that "wrapping will now commence"! :) xx

  4. Look at your pretty soap!! I can smell it from here...gorgeous :-)
    I've started wrapping in dribs and drabs now but your sweep all off the desk approach appeals :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 43 xx

  5. You are on a roll! good stuff.

    And you make a great point. By Christmas Day my desk will probably be hosting a bag of my brother's laundry.

  6. Your creative mojo is on a high ... Could I borrow just a tiny bit of it please lol.

    Loving your creativeness

  7. Oh it'll be interesting to see WOYWW on Christmas. (if Julia posts). I have barely started shopping for xmas yet. not too much to buy and have to focus on getting cards done today and tomorrow. :-) Brigita #74

  8. I am SO supposed to be wrapping! I thought I was doing really well this year but OMG it REALLY is only 2 weeks to go aaargh!

    Great to see the transition from gorgeous crafty stuff (love the colours) to festive action stations.

    Thanks for your visit - have a great week. MMx #49

  9. Hi Lisa-Jane, no need to go trawling through my blog - the bags I mentioned are paper sandwich bags from 'Lakeland' and they are a lovely crunchy brown paper that look good on vintage style projects. Ink doesn't dry very quickly when stamping. Thanks for your visit. Chris63

  10. Whoops! Didn't say what i thought when I first saw your desk! Well done for getting around to wrapping already!!! Love how your soap is looking! Chrisx

  11. Hi Lisa Jane
    sorry to have taken so long to visit, full of cold .... yet again and lots going on with family. blah blah blah.
    it was lovely to meet you last week a shame it was so short but it is a busy time maybe we can ge t together another time, Debs Design also lives in chandlers ford ... small world eh!
    you have a lot of creativity going on on your desk. I can just see you in your Santa hat hehe
    janet #39

  12. Funny how are desks serve so many needs for us, huh? I'm not quite sure which is more fun - new stash or wrapping. How nice you've had a bit of both this week. Enjoy it all! Thanks for visiting the Fun Room this week!

  13. Sorry it's nearly Wednesday again before I reply!
    Loving your multi tasking.
    Karen #54


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