Saturday, 14 December 2013

The December Story so far

Actually its not so far because obviously quite a bit of December has already passed (eeek!!) but this is the second part of how I am planning on bringing together my memory keeping for this festive season.

I shared my manifesto previously but here it is again for those who might have missed it.

The next page in the album is the first of many divided page protectors.  I've echoed the colours and patterns for continuity using my Crate Paper Bundled up collection.  I'm using gold accents throughout the project and the little ribbon on the title block is actually from a cracker last year!  

The photos are rather garish because they are only temporary.  It helps me to see where things are going to fit and then I know how big I need to print them.  I keep a separate album on my computer once I have finalised my design so that I can do a quick print after Christmas with everything I need and everything at the right size.

You can just about read the journalling there but it basically explains the manifesto a bit more as well as a little bit about the excitement of the advent calendars.  The green paper is another current Christmas collection - Simple Stories December Documented.

The cream letter stickers are from Echo Park's Reflection Falls which go very nicely.

This is the back of that page in progress.  The mitten printed paper and the snowman journalling card are just the reverse of the first day.  I will try to use these if they fit with my plans because it obviously helps to stretch my stash.  If it turns out that I want to use something else there then that's fine too.  And if I find that the divided page in the formation I've used is really not going to work for a certain day then I can just fill up the pockets with pretty bits and carry on with the next page.  I can usually make it work though and it helps to have a bit more restriction because it makes the decision making process quicker!

Today's jobs include making a set of butterflies in a box frame, a birthday card and some more festive soap so its back on with the Christmas tunes and the Father Christmas hat.  How about you?

Bye for now


  1. You make it look very doable Lisa-Jane :o)

  2. It's looking really good! That soap making is so addictive, isn't it?

    We got our tree up today, so I'm feeling very festive

  3. It's all looking lovely and festive, just how it should

  4. Your album is already looking really good and I love seeing how you pull it all together x


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