Saturday, 16 April 2011

It's the little things...

If I had written this post when I got up this morning, you probably would have handed me a virtual tissue.  I was fed up with my aches and pains (aside from my shoulder issues, my old "friend" from pregnancy, SPD, has returned), both children had been up multiple times in the night and I was exhausted, I hadn't done much about Management's birthday and had no time to do much more, and then the demons started.  Once I get into a cycle of negative thinking, it spirals quickly out of control.

But during the course of the day a few things have happened to pick me up again.  Let's start with a baby shower :-)

We had afternoon tea in lovely, deliberately mismatched cups and saucers, with scones and cupcakes.

And then we made individual potions of bubble bath with essential oils matched for our own circumstances.  And we drank more tea.

My friend J, whose shower it was, is suffering badly with SPD and so both of us needed mixes suited to soothing our aches and pains but depended on smells we liked too obviously.  She went a little OTT with the blue dye... it was supposed to be almost clear!  And we drank more tea.

After a sustaining cup of tea, J opened her presents and cut the pregnant lady cake.  And did I mention we had more tea?

It was so nice for us to sit undisturbed, in daylight, with hot tea (but not too hot), and just gas bag for a couple of hours.  It was just what I needed to pep me up and give me a short break from the children.  Don't get me wrong, I love them entirely, obviously, but they are all consuming and as a SAHM I get virtually no break from one or either of them, and it feels ten times worse when that means during the night too!

When I got home, the coins I had ordered had arrived and I quickly stuck them on the layout and grabbed a photo while the light was still okay-ish.  My connection is S-L-O-W tonight though so I'll save the pics for tomorrow but I was pleased to be able to put another couple of layouts in the now bulging albums.

And then just while I was typing this, I was half watching a TV program.  There was someone there talking about happiness and he suggested that everyone should think of 3 things that have made them happy before they go to sleep at night.  Management and I had a laugh about some of the things in the program (it was a comedy) and I realised that I felt a whole heap better than I had done this morning.  Tea and scones, a couple of layouts complete, hugs from the kids after being away, a laugh with my soul mate.

Yep, it's the little things :-)

Bye for now xx

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