Wednesday, 20 April 2011

What's on your workdesk Wednesday 98

Good morning Wednesday!  I'm trying to be smiley but its just not happening at the moment.  The weather is glorious and we are just off to the zoo with a picnic and everything is rosy but I am feeling so down in the dumps!  Perhaps a stroll around a few desks will perk me up - pop over to Julia's blog to see what's going on elsewhere in the crafting world and to find out about the anniversary "pay it forward" that's coming up.

So what have I been up to.....
Hmmm, not sure why this pic isn't very clear here but you get the idea.  I have one of my crops on Saturday (yay!) but only 10-6 this time, so I am busy preparing for that.  I've made myself some page kits and included a sketch this time so I really know where I'm headed with them.  I've printed some of Shimelle's sketches and ideas and used those to choose my stash a bit more carefully.  Having a plan means that I can prepare anything that needs painting such as the Jenni Bowlin stars near the top of the picture, the black butterflies and large negative B, and the die cut frame.  I'm hoping that I will be able to really crack on on Saturday and that there will be no distractions like overflowing drains to dash home for or a nasty head cold to confuse me.  We shall see!

Right, off to visit a few desks (I will get around to everyone in the next few days!) and then its off to see the new cheetah home.

Bye for now xx


  1. Bet it doesn't help when everyone's saying, "Lovely day, isn't it?"!

    Hope you were creatively inspired by your visit to the zoo.

  2. Hope the zoo visit helped to cheer you up!

  3. You sound very organised. I hope you had a lovely day out at the zoo - and didn't get sunburnt!

    Thanks for your visit to my desk and for your kindly comments xx

  4. sorry you are down in the dumps today. Hope a trip to the zoo helped. When I lived in St. Louis the doctor said I had SAD. a depression that comes with the lack of sunlight during winter season. A special daylight light helps and it is good to craft under. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #28

  5. I love your pink polka dot desk covering:)
    Thanks for stopping by xx

  6. You seem super organised for your crop. Hope it all goes well.

  7. Lots of pretty bits and bobs on your desk today. Happy Easter.

  8. hope you enjoyed the crop and got some pages done. what a good idea to print out the sketches, think i'll try that now.


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