Monday, 4 April 2011

Sugar overload!

Whoosh!  That was the weekend whizzing past.

Do you ever feel like that?  You blink and suddenly its Monday again?  This weekend has been crazy with B's birthday tea party and making cakes etc.  We found time for a walk around Southampton Common though as she is a big fan of ducks and sticks etc.  Its a great place to go for L to ride his bike too as he is still getting used to riding without stabilisers.  I'm looking forward to scrapping his first ride - any ideas?

With birthdays, its a chance for me to get my baking head on.  I miss making cakes so much, especially with the children so I really indulged this weekend.  I made some chocolate cup cakes with a meringue style frosted icing, courtesy of this blog which I made into bears.  And of course, I made a birthday cake.  I started making novelty cakes for my son's first birthday and now it has become a tradition.  I use a book by Debbie Brown mostly but last year I bravely invented my own.  With my baby girl's love of ducks, there could only be one candidate for her tea party.

He's sort of a chick / duck as nobody could agree on what the picture looked more like!  I'm way short of competent and its certainly not a cheap way to make a cake but it tasted okay (I'm told) and it made people smile (or snigger?)

B had a lovely time and ate so much cake that I was surprised she slept that night.  It was like a comedy sketch with her walking back and forth past the gap in the trees with a different piece of cake each time and everyone else paying no attention.  She really got the hang of opening presents and ignoring the cards and shouted "Mine!" at anyone who tried to help her.  The day after the party she woke up and said "Cake?" with a very sweet smile.  Oh my goodness she is going to give us trouble with a face like that.

I had to quality control most of the cakes and I've still been suffering with this darned headache so its now been 2 whole weeks without exercise.  I don't think I'll be betting on a loss for my weigh in tonight!

Bye for now xx


  1. That cake is just adorable! And that recipe for the chocolate cup cakes looks lovely :)

  2. That cake is so cute - how clever are you! Glad you enjoyed the party.

  3. Wow, how clever are you making a cake like that with no recipe to follow. Love it!

  4. Absolutely wonderful cake! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. Have enjoyed reading many of yours posts this evening. Glad you enjoyed your crop even if you didn't complete all you wanted to. It is still nice to get together with friends to scrap - I meet with 3 friends once a month at one of our houses. We used to go to a crop which was where we met. We went for about 3 years and then it closed down. We had become such good friends we didn't want to stop meeting up, hence the monthly meetings. This weekend we are going to Ally Pally together which should be great fun.

  5. What a GORGEOUS Spread you created. Had to chuckle about B stealing bites of cake! Too funny...

    oh and yes... where does the weekend go?


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