Wednesday, 13 April 2011


It's Wednesday again!  How did that happen?

Well not much has been going on on my workspace as we've been away over the weekend having fun at a rugby match.  I don't think it has changed that much since just after I took the photos for last week!

The light has been bad here all day but I think you get the drift.  JYC stuff still off to the left, new class timetables for the gym to the front right, new purchases from Hobbycraft at the back (including the rapidly deteriorating Scrapbook Magazine) and my current layout at the front.  This is another one of those that I couldnt cope with at the all day crop as I was trying to do something different.  I like it a lot better now but I can't quite finish it as I'm waiting for a coin.  The photos were taken at a pan-Asian restaurant where my baby girl stuffed her face from the bento box.  I wanted some of those coins with the holes in to use as an embellishment and managed to get one from E-Bay for 30p with free P&P all the way from Singapore.  It is a Chinese coin rather than Japanese but I like it anyway.  However, when it arrived, it was a lot bigger than I had imagined..

This will give you some idea of the size and although I still love it, I've ordered a selection of fortune coins which have 3 smaller sizes in so I create a bit of a cluster on the layout.  I'll still have some spare for a good luck card or two and for my own fortune, to be kept in my purse and under my doormat (apparently!)

So, what is everyone else up to?  Hop on over to Julia's blog to have a sneak.

Bye for now.


  1. It sounds as though you are really busy. Those coins look interesting and I wait to see what you do with them. The mouse on my shelves is actually Janie Mouse, one of the mice on the mouse organ in Bagpuss. thank you for your visit earlier.

  2. oooh a very busy desk. I have hidden my JYC stuff in a cupboard because i am so ashamed of its half finished status, lol. Really it should be on my desk bugging me to do more pages.
    looking forward to seeing your finished layout, with all the coins.
    thanks for popping by earlier

  3. I'm thinking you like pink - great tablecloth, and distress ink, and blog background! Thanks for dropping by my blog too.

  4. thanks for your lovely comment on my blog =, i thought i'd pop across to yours.

    My table always looks like that too! your coin is a nice touch for your layout:)


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