Monday, 25 April 2011

Red, white and blue, the boys love you!

Happy Easter / Eostre to those who celebrate!  I'm not Christian so my celebrations involve being thankful for the spring and the new life and luckily that fits in rather nicely with eggs :-)

We've just bought some bedding plants for the garden and I chose red, white and blue!  It's everywhere isn't it?! I bought B a dress in those colours and and found her a perfect hat to shield her eyes and cover her neck a bit.  With her little sunglasses she looked so cute that I had to scrap them instantly.  Sadly my printer malfunctioned and I wanted to use the pics at the crop on Saturday so I ended up going to an instant place and paying a fortune.  I've never experienced this before - that urge to scrap as soon as you see the image on the screen.

Aside from her dress, that hat, and the Royal Wedding, I was inspired by Becky Fleck's book "Scrapbook Page Maps".  I just fell in love with Marla Kress's ribbon wheel embellishment which I'd never seen done before.

I think it adds texture and colour as well as being a little nod to the lovely sun we've been lucky enough to be treated to this bank holiday.

Using the sketches and page kits for the crop worked well but I still only completed 4 layouts.  I'll share the rest in the next few days and as always I would welcome any feedback as I can't ever see if I really like them!  I did work on another layout that I had started at the previous crop but it involved paper piecing and my brain was so fuzzy that I couldn't put it back together on the page!  I finished it totally yesterday afternoon and it was my first time of using a mist.  My son promptly said it looked horrible!  Make sure you check back in the next few days to see if you agree!  I won't overload you with layouts in one post, just as we've been discussing in Blogging for Scrapbookers this week.

Till then, enjoy the sun if you have it and get that bunting ready!

Bye for now xx


  1. I love this Layout! So bright! Gr8 colours!!!

  2. so adorable~a big fan of R,W and B!!!!

  3. Your daughter is very cute!


  4. That ribbon wheel is are the pics!

  5. Gorgeous layout - perfect colours for this week!

  6. Hello from BB4S class! Love the ribbon wheel! Adorable pics and such a nice layout!


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