Friday, 15 April 2011

My spare ribs....

Following on from my osteo appointment last week and the discovery of the extra ribs, things have been getting steadily worse.  Having researched the cervical rib situation, I'm feeling pretty despondent.  It is one of the main causes of something called Thoracic Outlet Syndrome where the blood can't flow properly resulting in tingling and pain in the affected arm.  If left untreated, it can eventually cause a stroke.  Having the rib(s) removed however, can cause paralysis with no guarantee of relieving the situation.

It appears that some things can make it worse and some people are more prone to it than others (in those who don't have extra ribs).  People who do work whereby they're arms are raised a lot are at risk, so people like swimmers, window cleaners, weighlifters etc.  It's basically like a form of RSI and poor posture is also a major cause.  I first noticed something was amiss when I started going backwards on my arm weights.  Pretty much every session since I started at the gym in September, I had either increased my weights or my reps and suddenly I was finding it harder to even match what I had done several weeks before.  I wasn't doing heavy weights or lifting everyday but I guess it all adds up.  I was also showering more than bathing as a result of the gym and I have long thick hair - again arms above head for long periods.  I was getting great at keeping on top of the ironing too - more repetition with arm out to the side.  So all this great work that I was doing has actually caused me a few problems!  I'm hoping that the regular osteo work and vastly improving my posture will help though as I don't want to stop the good work.  This week, despite a very indulgent weekend, I lost 2 pounds at Slimming World!  I expected to put on that amount at least as we went out to a Michelin starred restaurant and had a meal at the rugby match (hopefully more info on that in the next post).  I think the marathon aerobics night helped though.

A few people have mentioned Zumba and asked more about it.  It was actually the second time I had tried it. It's moves I love, music I love, in an aerobic format, which I love - it couldn't fail.  But it did.  I do badly wanted to love it but the teacher at the first class was shocking, I thought.  Poor queuing, changing sequences at inappropriate times, not keeping time with the music, etc.  This time the teacher was great but it still didn't work for me and I really can't put my finger on why.  Enjoyable yes, but not something I'm desperate to squeeze into my tight schedule.  I didn't find it energetic enough which is a funny thing to say for a couch potato like me!  I was very sweaty and puffing but I think I need something more hardcore (ooh get me!)  Its great for weight loss though as it is easy on the joints being fairly low impact but constantly moving.  I much preferred Body Combat with all it's kicking and punching, but there we go again with making problems for my shoulders *sigh*.

And of course, sitting hunched over layouts is no good for me either.  I don't know what to do about this as you can't help but look down at your work.  If anyone has any ideas on this, I could sure use them!  I've been really good with my diet this week so I'm sure to put weight on!  I'm going to go and buy myself a bar of chocolate now to make myself feel better ;-)

Bye for now xx


  1. Hope the osteo continues to help. Congrats on the weightloss and the aerobics...I've just been walking lots to help mine along
    Alison xx

  2. Sorry to hear about the osteo appointment and what it uncovered. Take care of yourself. :)

  3. I never knew people could have extra ribs, and would never have thought it could cause so much trouble. Poor you!

  4. I hope the osteo can help more! Mine has worked wonders on my back :) Chin up eh!

  5. Lisa - so sorry to hear about the extra ribs but you might be in good company, maybe that's why Adam had ribs to spare! Joking aside though, hope you can work out a solution. You seem to be doing so well with your exercise and weight loss, so encouraging to hear. Well done.


  6. Lisa - I'm sorry to hear about this, it doesn't sound like much fun at all :(

    You asked about the felt patterns - they are certainly addictive, you are right there! My daughter is 12, but pretty much a beginner sewer, despite my best efforts in the past. I think any child who could use a pair of scissors and do a basic running stitch would have fun helping out with this project. I'd love to know if you give it a go!


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