Friday, 8 April 2011

Some crafts and some miracles to share.

Quick, nobody move, I have an internet connection!  For anyone visiting from BFS, I WILL get around to everyone's blogs eventually I promise.  I'm thinking of making up the spare room for the tech monkeys as we have them so stumped right now.  Since the great snow fall of 2011, but remarkably nothing to do with that same snow fall, we have had problems with our connection or our wiring or our whatever whatever and things have been annoyingly intermittent and / or slow.  But anyway, enough of this, how about some crafts to share?

This pic was supposed to be my entry for WOYWW but as it is now Friday and my desk doesn't look like that, I guess I won't be entering!

You can just about see the Easter / Eostre bonnet I made for L's Bonnet Parade.  There were some amazing creations, many involving the use of a Hobbycraft straw hat.  Ours was made from a hat kit from Poundland, egg boxes, old cardstock and last years mini eggs!

This week also, I finally got around to finishing a couple of the layouts that I almost completed at the crop - (the one good thing about no internet is that I get more ACTUAL scrapping done!)

This one "Isabella-Grace @1" used the 4x6 photo love sketch from Shimelle for March and has worked so well that I'll definitely use it again.  The spotty paper was a perfect match for her hat and aside from the almost invisible title, I'm actually really pleased with it, which makes a nice change!

This one "1st School Photo" used a couple of the yummy papers from my Two Peas order as well as some baker's twine (gotta love that stuff!) and some older brads.  I'm a big fan of aqua or whatever colour you want to call it, so I'm glad its his school colour!  Plus I think it makes such a nice change for a school uniform.

 So the first of the miracles was that I finally felt well enough to do some crafting!  After weeks of nasty headaches, I had forgotten what it felt like to be normal!  I visited an osteopath this week who basically pummelled me about and told me off about my posture but we're hoping this helps to relieve the headaches a bit.  She identified that in all likeliness I have 2 extra ribs at the top which means there is little room for the nerves and it is easier for them to get trapped and irritate etc.  Something I might have to think about in the future as I can have them removed if they continue to aggravate.

The recent lack of exercise won't be helping my posture either but this week I did a marathon session of new aerobics classes at a trial event.  I worked out for over 3 hours in total (another miracle!) doing Zumba, Bollywood, Pilates and Body Combat.  It was great fun apart from the blisters from all the jumping!

But the first miracle of the week was that even after all that cake, I still managed to lose 1.5lb at Slimming World!  I cant say I'm confident about this week though as despite that huge workout, I've been gorging on white bread and chocolate buttons and we're doing some wonderful things this weekend.

Hopefully if we can keep connected to the outside world, I can tell you all about it next week.  Enjoy the lovely sunshine if you are lucky enough to have it!

Bye for now xx


  1. Your layouts are adorable. And good for you on the exercise. I've been hearing about Zumba, but have yet to try it. Did you think it was fun, exhausting, or both? At least that's what I've been told by others.

  2. Your LOs are fab..aqua is my favourite colour too! Congrats on the weightloss...a few of the ladies at my WW class go to Zumba, and are trying to talk me into going-so far I've resisted!
    Alison xx

  3. hello from BFS :)
    i love the name of your blog and these layouts are super cute.
    i am up for the 4x6 photo challenge!

  4. Fab Layout, I wanna try zumba too....I might buy it on the wii! :)

  5. I completely know how frustrating lack of internet functionality can be! But today thankfully i can catch up with all BFS blogs now that i can see blogger again.

    Your layouts are lovely, and your desk I'm sure is just as interesting today as it was on Wed, lol. You should post anyway, we all like a good snoop on WOYWW what ever day of the week it is.


  6. Those layouts are lovely, and compliment the pictures perfectly. Even with internet connection, I am still climbing the wall as Blogger keeps refusing to show my pictures.

  7. Your LOs are lovely..., so everybody zumba!!!! Well done you...

  8. Your layouts are awesome. What a precious baby! I wish I could do some exercise but with my health issues sometimes getting out of bed is all I can do. My butt is starting to show the sedentary lifestyle now too. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #78

  9. Well I'm glad you Internet was behavng - good lord, in between all that exercise, you've had scrapping energy! Wonderful bunch of LOs!

  10. Just love these layouts - but also have 2 quick questions - what is "BFS" and lso just wondered what you tink of shimelle's blogging for scrapbookers??? I was thinking of joining but not too sure if it will be worth it?? Would love to know what you make of it??
    Thanks for sharing.
    Happy WOYWW
    Rebecca (44) xx

  11. Love your l/os.
    Your reference to the internet made me and Hubby laugh as it sounds just like us. We had the monkeys here on monday and they could not find a fault yet now we are only at about 380 whatever the thingy is!! They kindly disconnected the internet at our neighbours' free of charge though! Gotta laugh!
    Are you doing the 2ps layouts with Shimelle Laine? Me too!
    Keep Crafting and laughing! It confuses people!!!

  12. lots of lovely goodies there, Happy WOYWW 99, Thank you for sharing your desk with us much appreciated it. A great desk. #31

  13. Hi Lisa-Jane, thanks for popping into my blog and leaving a comment. Sadly, the tin doesn't smell of lemons as the biscuits were double wrapped and over-packaged - much like everything we buy today. I love the smell of lemons as they always remind me of a fabulous few weeks we spent on the Amalfi coast some years ago now - the lemons were to die for :) Love your layouts and the pink polka dotted covering on your desk. Elizabeth x #108


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