Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Get set for a shocking pictre of my desk.  Not because it is messy, oh no, it is not for a change, but because I am still desperately waiting a replacement for my poorly camera lens.  Still stuck on full zoom and making life very difficult  to take pictures of anything bigger than 6 inches.  I took these shots by balancing the camera on my head to give it some stability and stop some of the blur (not wholly successful as you can see...) because of the DARKNESS so early in the day already!

I had a major tidy up on Saturday and put away loads and loads of things that were scattered across the floor and every other conceivable surface.  I thought it would help my extremely fragile mental health but I ended up spending all of Sunday in bed almost catatonic.  Actually getting on with some crafting has helped me though and I am gradually pulling out of it again. I think I was just exhausted by the constant battle against depression to be honest and all the things I have to do just to keep my head above water with it.

Anyhoo, this was part of my therapy...

....Stamping and colouring some Christmassy images for the 6 on the 6th series at S J Crafts.

Might have to have a little outing to get some more Promarkers this week.  I feel the need for some seasonal colours.  What colours wouldn't you be without at Christmas?

Of course I am sharing my studio / craft space / workroom / whatever as part of What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday and you can join in easily too.  Might see you there :-)

Bye for now


  1. Your hard work paid off...your desk looks great.
    I have been tidying mine too but still have a ways to go till I am done.
    Sorry to hear you are battling depression. I once read that it helps to create at least one moment of joy each day. It can be as simple as putting a CD in the slot and drinking your coffee to a great song, or maybe just lighting a pretty scented candle.

  2. Keep up with the crafting therapy. If you don't manage to get out to look for Promarkers Joanna Sheen has some in her special offers section at the moment.


  3. Love your workspace and I have a love for ProMarkers, too! Colors I wouldn´t want to be without for Christmas season? Holly, Pine, Forest, Ruby, Cardinal, Gold... Sorry about your battle against depression - I´m bipolar, so I know what you´re talking about. Wish you all the best and a happy WOYWW from # 65!

  4. Depression is not at all nice! I find it harder to deal with than all my physical problems. Art and craft can be a real help, and taking our problems to God in prayer helps me too.
    Keep up the good work, and have a good WOYWW day, kind regards, John-W #58.

  5. Sorry to hear that the going is a bit rough at the moment. I bet your honesty today has helped and touched someone who needed a lift x

  6. Great tidy looking desk - shame about your camera :-(


    Ike in Greece #91 xx

  7. Happy WOYWW, Stay strong! I know things can be hard, and I hope you get your replacement lens... I bet that's tough! Sending you HUGE HUGS!!!!
    -tera #3

  8. I would not have known about your camera if you hadn't are not accounting for those of us who point shoot and hope!! Am so sorry that you're feeling fragile, and hope that all the crafty and any other sort of therapy really helps. Am super impressed that you recognise it in yourself though..and I appreciate how exhausting a battle it must be. You are doing well.

  9. Well I couldn't choose which promarker colours so I got them all :-)
    Happy WOYWW
    Kay #45

  10. Sending big hugs and positive vibes to you...well done on using crafting to help. I hope things improve for you...
    Hugs, LLJ 54 xx

  11. Sending big hugs your way, hope the black cloud recedes for a while with crafty therapy
    Debs #108

  12. I'm smiling just thinking of you with your camera balanced on your head. :o) Glad to hear that some crafting helped to lift your spirits! xo

  13. Like Deb, the image of you with a camera balanced on your head has made me smile this evening. Crafting is great therapy, along with a loving family and friends who 'get' you x

    Fiona #120

  14. Lisa, How on earth do you cut out the teeny tiny bits of the stamps? Lx

  15. Sorry you are struggling at the moment, hopefully doing something creative will help... and tidying my scrap room always makes me feel better because I find stuff I forgot I had! ;) Happy WOYWW from Annette #2

  16. So,e times I feel like I do more organizing than crafting! your room looks great! Send me your address privately, and I would love to send you cards! Nothing is better than Happy Mail!

  17. Promarkers are a bit mean doing 'limited' colours!Coz addict's like me, have to get them! I bought a set not long agao on line and two of them had leaked everywhere, but I was sent a new set straight away, so I had double of the others that were perfect, and now I keep thinking, this is a lovely colour, what happens when they stop making it! Hope they don't! My Promarkers are waiting for me to make them a turn-table holder for them to go into but I never seem to have time to get it done, so Like you, mine are also in a box! (a big box!) fast getting too small! Thank you for your visit! Thank you for my snoop!! Happy late WOYWW! Have a crafty week!!

    (((Lyn)) #60

  18. I love the thought of you balancing your camera on your head.
    Thanks for your earlier visit,
    Rosie x

  19. Looks great and love those images your are colouring in. Hope you are feeling more positive soon and understand fully how you are feeling right now. Take care x

  20. It's still lovely to see your desk. I'm going to start Christmas cards soon x


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