Saturday, 7 December 2013

Season's Greetings!

Its the most wonderful time of the year!  Oh I do love Christmas.  This could well be the last year that both children believe in the guy in the big red suit because Louis is already asking more and more questions about the logistics of our involvement.  Its so complicated!  

These photos were taken last year at Warwick Castle - doesn't it look festive!?  I wasn't there because I was at a scrapping retreat (which was awful!) and when I scrapped these pictures last week I couldn't for the life of me remember why I hadn't been there.  It reminded me to scrap things or at least record the memories as soon as I can because things so easily get forgotten.
 This double layout will be the second and third pages in my Journal Your Christmas album because they really capture the magic and the spirit of all that is Christmas.  Its all about making it special for my family, in particular my children.
 I'm using Crate Paper's Bundled Up collection throughout my JYC and I'll be sharing my method and plans for this in a couple of days.
 I was inspired by this Pin for using large photos so it was ideal for the types of pictures that you get on a day out.  I deliberately kept the background quite muted with the polka dot woodgrain because the pictures were quite busy and orangey.  I did want to introduce my full colour scheme for the album though so I picked out some of the pink and red bits from the ephemera pack.
The little tickets from the pack are perfect for the subject matter here and give enough space for a note or two.  I've added some gold stars here too because I want to run both gold and stars throughout the album.
So how are you getting on with your festive crafting?  Cards all made?  Presents all bought / made and wrapped? No?  Me neither... I'll get around to it... but maybe have another frangipan mince pie first ;-)

Bye for now


  1. Eerrrr what do you mean he doesn't exist!!! Lol

    Cards all written and posted, and yes presents bought. I know I know I'm so obsessed by Christmas I can't wait to get started on it lol

  2. Keep that belief going as long as you possibly can!! Even if it's hard work!! This is the first year H has truly lost her belief and I have to admit just a little of that special magic is gone for me too!! :(
    I'm pleased we got to 10 though before she felt this way!!
    Fab pages ... really love the big pics!! xxxxx

  3. Remind yourself that Santa is the spirit of Christmas and you will ALWAYS believe,!...lovely pages,
    Alison xx

  4. ..i always smile when mine mention the man in red..and say if you don't believe you won't receive!...We've had all the questions over the years too. Great pages, love the big photos x

  5. Ooh, you have got me feeling so festive this morning! I have made nearly all my cards and I spent all day yesterday wrapping my Mum's presents. Today I'm going to start on ours.

    I love that big photo look too.

    I believe :)

  6. Those layouts are fantastic and I can't wait to see your album coming together. Thank you so much for my box of goodies and the lovely card, you really are so generous xx

  7. I love your pages, they capture the feeling perfectly.

    I have no believers in my house now and it is definitely not the same. The challenge is to add the magic in other ways, but it really isn't the same.

    Great scrapping. I have loved seeing all your instagrams too.


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