Wednesday, 18 December 2013


The last Wednesday before Christmas!  Oh my!  I still have so much to do and things have gone a little awry in the studio here...  Can you see the blobs of pink on the left there?

Please ignore the empty mulled wine glass... it was from last night and not this morning...

I made another batch of soap but I used a different brand of candy cane (I didn't realise they were cherry flavoured! CHERRY?! What's that about?!) and left the crushed pieces exposed on the top as per the pictures on Pinterest.  The bits that hadn't sunk in nicely went very gooey and slid off the slices of soap that were laid on their sides.  The soaps are fine once you have rinsed off the sticky layer but it is rather a shame that I will have to put that instruction on the little labels!

This was my desk about 15 minutes later once I had cleared up the goo and started to decorate the jars of layered peppermint body scrub.  You can see the sort of production line of half finished gifts there and things needing normal wrapping etc.  The blue parcel at the back was a potential error present that I checked and then couldn't get back in the wrapping - darn!

I've also been working on something different this week - a box frame of butterflies as part of a 30th birthday present.  I've seen them around on Pinterest for ages, hearts too, and been meaning to try one.  Now that I have, I want one for myself!  The papers are from an old Laura Ashley line.

This is still my favourite die and I never tire of using it.  The butterfly in the middle signifies the young lady in question, my step-niece (if there is such a thing) who is strong and independent and has blossomed into a beautiful young lady.  I do like art to reflect the recipient where possible!

Taking up my time this week was also this little lot...

Its quite an old Playmobil princess castle and we didn't have any instructions because it was second hand. Cue much head scratching, bad words, huffing and puffing...

Thankfully between Management exercising more patience on the internet search, and me Tweeting Playmobil, we got the instructions and have also got a form for the couple of missing bits.  I absolutely adore it and I'm so excited to play with it  see Bella playing with it...

Right, onward and upward.  Lots of jars and soaps still to prettify and I'm running out of school days left!  I will make time for some desk hopping today though too :-)

Don't forget that there is a DT call open at S J Crafts so please do pop along and read mroe about it if you are a UK based scrapper.

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  1. Your desk looks fab. How like you to burden yourself with hand made and finished and beautifully wrapped...and then have castles to build!! I hope girly, that you manage to relax and actually take in the love and the joy and a enjoy it all!

  2. Your gifts look amazing, glad you got the castle built you and your daughter will have lost of fun I'm sure. Thanks for sharing, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Tracy #41

  3. Wow. these all look so good. Well done you

  4. Your handmade prezzies look lovely and will be gratefully received! That butterfly frame is really fab, love the musical one on the middle!
    Thanks for all the friendship and support this year, wishing you and yours and very Happy Christmas!
    Hugs, LLJ 43 xx

  5. Good morning
    Just popping my head around the door to say hi and wish you a very happy Christmas. It all looks pretty and festive!
    Thanks for sharing your workplace.

    Neil #20

  6. oh wow have been super productive and it all looks amazing. I love how you have made the body scrub and soaps and made them look so pretty!

    A wonderful picture frame...I have one hanging in my hall...oh was in my hall until a 14 year old started waving his hands around and knocked it off, glass smashed everywhere, so now i'm thinking off updating it with some different papers.... Or a different frame as i've made a couple this week too x

  7. All of your homemade gifts look fantastic, I wish I'd made some now xx

  8. Lots of holiday cheer on that desk! Love your scrub idea and the packaging is lovely! (Hubby and I had a bottle of mulled wine this Sat while tree trimming. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas! Winnie#51

  9. Your area looks lovely and busy.
    Happy Wednesday to you,
    Karin #3

  10. Such lovely homemade gifts - you have been so busy. Happy Christmas! x Jo

  11. Gorgeous gifts, and I too love those butterfly/ heart pictures all over Pinterest. Seeing how well yours has come out, its on my todo list now! Wishing you a Happy and Peaceful Christmas and New Year, from me & my Beloved Hubby. Huge Christmas Hugs, Shaz #44 xx

  12. I wouldn't hold it against if you had a glass of wine this morning, lol.

    That butterfly shadow box is gorgeous, what a lovely gift.

    And I wanna come over and build a princess castle, too! That looks like fun. :-)

    Happy Woyww and Happy Christmas!

    Sandy #1

  13. Your desk is so "organized and neat" compared to many of us! And your butterfly frame... oh my... it's gorgeous. Would love to see the princess castle assembled and you and Bella playing! Merry Christmas and Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N # 57

  14. Wow, you have lots going on today!! I think I would go crazy putting the doll house back together!!!Have a great week and thanks for stopping by earlier! Ginny #9

  15. You're such an inspiration :)

  16. Such pretty little packages! I've never tried soap making, but it sounds really interesting. LOVE the idea of candy cane soap!

    Merry Christmas, Lisa-Jane! xo

  17. You are a hoot, Lisa-Jane! Have fun with that Princess Castle! Your gifts and post are great!! Happy WOYWW and Happy Holidays!! Hugs, Darnell #10

  18. What a fun desk making soap and body scrubs. I LOVE body scrubs and this one sounds yummy. Do you have a recipe you can share? :-) Brigita #61

  19. Loving the look and sound of all your candy cane inspired body products and your princess castle sounds like a wonderful toy to play with, isn't the internet wonderful when it comes to finding such information. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Danie #37

  20. What a lot of lovely handmade pressies you have got together! (At first glance I thought it was coconut ice, hehe!)
    Thanks for stopping by earlier,
    RosA # 21

  21. I can see you put a special ingredient into your Christmas Well done you.
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a happy, healthy and exciting new year.
    A x # 36

  22. Love everything in today's post! The soaps and scrub look yummy, the butterfly frame is beautiful and I want to play with the castle too!!

    Happy Christmas to you and the family.


  23. Lovely gifts! I am sure there is a site that has downloadable instructions (although obviously not for every little thing, but I did find my sewing machine handbook there - just before I unearthed the actual book LOL!) but lucky you for getting the info. They always seem to make sense going together, but a year later? With no instructions? I might have given up!
    Sorry to be late but now I can get to my desk, it's commenting time ...

    Happy last WOYWW before Christmas!
    Mary Anne (24)

  24. Your desk spells activity done with pleasure. Lovely gifts. yes i agree a little something that relates the piece to the person makes it so special.
    Have a great time seeing the pleasure all the recipients have when they receive their very special gifts.
    Monica 13

  25. Love to see a busy desk full of Christmas surprises! I have never made soap, but I love to get homemade soap! The butterflies are gorgeous - what a great gift! Have fun playing with Bella, and have a Merry Christmas! Lindart #71

  26. I love all those handmade Christmas gifts. Good luck figuring out the castle. Sorry for the late visit. I'm trying to finish Christmas projects. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. #6

  27. What a wonderful festive desk, homemade gifts are the best. Hope the castle building wasn't too traumatic! Have a wonderful Christmas.

    Brenda 54

  28. Lisa everything looks amazing! the soap a particular fav! :) Lx


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