Tuesday, 19 July 2011

A new class!

I know, I know, I haven't even started the MIMM class yet but I am just totally addicted to on-line classes.  This one will suit me down to the ground right about now as I start to Explore my life a bit deeper as I make my way out of the blackness of depression.  Of course, this class is with the lovely Shimelle.

For the first prompt we have to give an indication of where we are now really, starting with a self portrait...

This turned out to be trickier than I thought as I have never taken a picture of me with my camera intentionally in the photo before.  I made various mistakes such as leaving the flash on giving just glare, squinting into the camera because it was in front of my face, holding the camera in front of my face, and then a few where I looked shocked and surprised because my specs kept cutting across my eyes making them look wide open.

Anyway, with that done, there was a bit of journalling to do:

Note to Self
My Creativity - I've done more crafting in the past couple of months than ever before and I am loving it.  I don't consider myself naturally creative, most of what I do is based on an idea from someone else, but nothing makes me happier than cutting, sticking and getting messy with paints and inks.  I'd love to have more ideas of my own, and I'd love to love the end product but often I can only find fault.  Like any crafter, I wish I had more time to indulge my passions but it makes it very precious when I do get time. 

My window - There is so much potential outside my window, in my garden, in my town, in my world.  I wish I could grasp it fully but it seems to slip past like a greasy fish.  The garden is so symbolic of my life right now - aspects of it are great but there are toys everywhere and the rain prevents us taking full advantage.

My Exploration - This journey for me is about taking stock.  What are the great parts that I can develop more and what are the more negative parts that I can try and change.  I hope that by the end, I will be a little step closer to moving forwards instead of chasing around, knowing that some things need to change but not being sure of what or how.  

This is just the start of a much longer journey to calmness, confidence and ultimately self-fulfilment.  Want to come for a ride?

Bye for now


  1. Your self portrait come out well - I need to play with mine in Photoshop because I can share it with the world!

  2. I like your note to self, and your photo is lovely - the start of a class is always so exciting

  3. Love your self portrait..it IS a difficult thing to do
    Alison xx

  4. Your Note to Self is really good and the SP is great too. I had many reject photos too - but it was all fun!


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