Thursday, 28 July 2011

Where am I going?

A layout based on an idea from Shimelle's Explore class.  We made grids of circle embellishments and used some of the themes from the week for something creative.  Many of us chose to do 12x12 layouts but some people did a canvas or added a page to their play-books.  It has come at a good time for me while I think of what I want to do next and what will ultimately give me the peace and fulfilment that I need.  I feel like I'm waiting for something but I don't know what (other than a parcel from 2peas!)  Actually I feel like I am waiting for something to past but I don't know what it supposed to happen after.  Our holiday to Wales will hopefully give me some thinking time and some space to clear my head and decide what I am going to do.  It may be that going back to work is an option but we shall see.

I've been waiting to use the big stack of chipboard letters I bought last year and they were perfect to use here because I wanted a really bold title and I wanted to use denim.  I wear my jeans a lot and I've been through many pairs recently as I slim down and I love to use the spare denim on my layouts.

I also wanted to use some map paper as I felt it fitted with the theme and also was one of the ideas we worked on during the week.

Those little Maya Road letters there are a wee bit small for covering really.  Next time I will just paint them but I had seen a few layouts with map covered letters and I wanted to do it but not have them too large.  I may have used a few bits of bling on the butterflies etc - kind of a nod to my desire to make things more pretty and sparkly than they are right now :-)

I'm currently packing art stuff for our holiday as there is a spare room I can use.  I want to take some stuff for L to use too as he is making a scrapbook to show his new teacher but there is only SO much room in the car.  No craft shops where we are going so I have to pack very carefully.  Wish me luck!

Bye for now


  1. Great layout, I do so loveall the elements you've used :). Enjoy the break

  2. This is stunning! I love the letters with the map and the design of the page!

  3. Beautiful, thoughtful layout - and the way it has been photographed has added to my viewing pleasure :)

  4. Love that you've covered the chipboard with denim and map-paper! Great LO...enjoy Wales!
    Alison xx

  5. I really like those map covered letters - it's a lovely LO. I'm using this class to look at where I want to be and how to get there - bit of a big ask!


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