Tuesday, 26 July 2011

What is perfect?

Well perfect certainly isn't how I am feeling today!  I've suddenly got a cold out of nowhere and being already run down, it is making me feel awful.  I am also really struggling generally at the moment with my mood so everything is feeling a bit pants to say the least.

So, I need to focus on something positive.  It ties in nicely with Shimelle's subject of Perfection in Explore last week.  We thought about what perfect means and if we are bothered about it or not.  I am a perfectionist but I fall so far short and this contributes directly to my mood.  I wish I could let it go.  In the spirit of celebrating things that ARE pretty perfect, and to cheer me up, let me share a couple more layouts that I did the other week at the crop.

These 2 kids are just awesome.  Oh yes they drive me crackers at times but I'm so proud of them the things that do make me screech are actually things that come from their amazingness.  Like L, he chats for England, he asks questions ALL THE TIME, it is tiresome at times and can be awkward and very exhausting.  But he wants to know, he loves to learn, he communicates well.  He will go far in life.  B is stubborn and strong willed, she knows her own mind.  This means that she can be uncooperative, awkward and very exhausting.  But she knows what she wants and won't be easily swayed.  She will persevere with something.  She will go far in life.

The photo was taken last year in Wales after a walk.  L grabbed B's leg to help her take her shoes off and she turned to give him such a look of admiration.  I love he helps her and that she adores him, I love that they enjoy each others company and that they want to spend time together.

The layout didn't come out quite as I had hoped as I misjudged the separation.  It is meant to be VERY off centre and instead it is just slightly lop sided!

This one though, is one of my all time favourites.

This picture was taken by the school photographers who offer a later service after school for families.  It worked our really well for us and was just in time for Christmas.  This is the perfect photo - all four of us together, all smiling, all facing the right way, all with our eyes open etc.  Paired with a sketch from Shimelle and some My Minds Eye paper and its pretty perfect all around.

If I hadn't already shared the layout about my perfect husband, I would be sharing that again too.  I really am a very lucky girl.

Bye for now


  1. It's great when kids get on together - I hope that continues for your two, as it's wonderful to have a friend in your brother or sister.
    I do love that page - the "laced" bit is so cool. Not sure what you mean about it being lop-sided, as it looks "Perfect" to me!!!
    The Family Portrait page is just lovely. Great photo, fab choice of layout design, wonderful papers... another "Perfect"!!!
    So it looks good from this side of the screen.
    Hope you feel a bit more up-beat by the time you come back to see your comments.

  2. Your Los are great...it's always good to actually have a family pic where everyone is smiling! hope you're feeling a bit better!
    Alison xx

  3. I have so enjoyed reading this post it's really lovely, as are the layouts. I ador both of them :). Hope you're feeling better

  4. I LOVE that first layout - the colours are so pretty! I'm not in class so I don't know what Shimelle has to say on the subject (tho I bet it's interesting!); but my view is that there is no such thing as perfect. After all, if you reach perfection, where else is there to go? and how boring would that be? x


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